May 20, 2010

Tags, yes I was tagged by co-blogger friends weeks ago or perhaps month ago. Sorry friends it's just now that I made this due to a hectic schedule of my time for some offline stuffs but I don't really forget it, in fact it's already in my outbox for a period of time --- I just changed the time for now. Thanks a lot for remembering me by that time. You are appreciated for the effort and thinking of me. You guys rock! Thanks to sis Chuchie of "Whereabouts", Mommy Nuts of "embrace life", Ace of "Happy Home Working" for this tenth photo tag you ought to give me and again, thanks a lot! ;-)

That (above photo) is what my tenth photo posted here in this blog (you can view it under label photography/photos should you like to do so). That was my visit of my bessy A home in La Puente, CA. By that time, we had a lot of eating done, fun and picture shows that I was singing (a karaoke song) ha! Can you guess what I sang? Ha! ;-) Seems like I was going to have an audition that time because I was serious? LOL.. you bet? Nope, just for fun.. :-) So that's all folks! The rules by the way are below. If you wish to do it, just post such rule and a link from here. All of you who are reading this, have been tagged by me, so feel free to grab it anytime (should you like to do so). *winkz*

1.Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.
2.Tell us a little about it.
3.Tag five more players. 4.Let the fun begin!


Sisterhood Award

One more thing, I've been thankful for and also dedicate this post to my blogger friends who include me of thinking that we are sisters here in blog land or seems like our friendship is like sisterhood. :-) An award below speaks for what is my award all about, yep, a" Sisterhood Award". I love it!

This award are from sis Ritzchelle of "A Girl Blogg e r", Nova of " History of Supernova and Sweet Pain",Cookie of "Thoughts" and sis Jenie of "at-a-blink". Thanks again guys.. You are appreciated and being applauded of your gestures being given. You are awesome! :)


  1. nuts said...
    thanks for posting this.. i know, i know you're busy..haha.. sorry i can't guess.. :( but you seem to look very good in singing.. :)
    Cacai M. said...
    nyahaha.. thanks mommy Nuts.. trying hard lang talaga mommy Nuts in singing.. lol.. actually, I love carpenters songs and I was singing that time "Yesterday Once More", then a friend of mine had a candid shot of me.. heheh.. thanks mommy Nuts.. muahhhh!
    Chie Wilks said...
    hello sis...thanks for posting the 10th photo are so sexy in the photo and i like your pink get-up...hehhehe very serious jud kaau ka sa imo gikanta..unsa kaha nga song nho?
    kat said...
    ah kaayo ra sa kanta-kanta..hehe

    Cai, about sa godadz, nag ticket ko sa ila ug naa nako reply...mali daw ako input sa IP kay sa pinas man to nga IP ako gibutang, so gitagaan ko nila ug sakto nako nga IP far pag check nako sa mom's shopping blog kay dili na mo direct sa google...wait na pod ko ani ug 2 days para ma activate. but i will still visit sa link na imo gihatag kay basig naa sad probs..hehehe

    Thanks kaayo. yes, kausap ko na si Anygen heheeh
    ritz said...
    thanks for responding..

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