January 15, 2012

(note: this is a scheduled post)

I just want to greet happy birthday to my Dear Husband. I put it on my shoutout yesterday. Am not shouting as in literally shouting, alright? It's just a term. :-) Giving thanks to God for a responsible husband is something you would have to shout if you are on my shoes. I admit, he's imperfect as just like everyone else, as just like me. The point of this post is to thank him as well. A little post prayer to God to have him,  more years to enjoy his life as well as mine, to enjoy as a family. Our family may not be perfect, my DH may not be perfect, as well as myself. Yes, he don't have a lot foods and goods on his special day but celebrating it as a family and being him healthy, I think made it such special birthday journey of him. We just have to enjoy life as it is precious, priceless just like our child. This birthday of him marks the first birthday having our bundle of Joy, our  baby Sam. Happy birthday again DH!


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