May 06, 2011

My birthday went fine. I thought I would just go to church to lit-up candles but went with some friends afterwards with no plan, okay, a minute plan and then just went. Thanks goodness my friends were able to be with me, they are free and were able to go as a minute-plan went. Ooh well. Thanks to Heaven Above for providing me with them. My DH was able to met them too though he didn't ate anymore as he was just from his office (we ate just few meters at the back of the buildings where my DH works) and was a mood to eat dinner few hours afterwards and it's fine as long as we met-up with friends. :-) Just as planned, I went to church but the church which is near at my friends house as well as the buffet resto where we had our small pig-out. Hehe! Te Claudine gave me awesome perfume and birthday card, Au ordered a delicious personalized mango cake from Red Ribbon with live fresh flower pink tulips in a pot and a birthday card and Dorie and Au managed to bring their kids and Au's husband, Cesar, was able to attend too in my birthday get-together. Their presence are precious and I treasure it (of course not only that day but throughout the whole me)! I am just a simple person and their presence are highly appreciated.

Above left was my yummy birthday cake (courtesy of my friend Au and Cesar), then picture-taking on the right.
Above were birthday stuffs. Thnx my precious friends & DH. Below were taken inside the Golden Coast Buffet where we had our pigging-out. Hehe! Thanks much guys!
DH gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers with gift cash (thanks DH, luv u!) for me to buy what I want and I really did. :-) And my friend Analou gave me something for my few jewelry to hang-on, it's a woman-figured. I guess you know how it looked-like. I will show it to you next post as it was in my other camera. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, etc! To all who greeted me here in my blog(s), Facebook, sent me messages, texted and called. Thanks much guys (you know who you are)! I won't forget your kindness and such. Above all, thanks Lord God for giving me another precious age. Am 25forever! ;-) Thanks God for my precious family and friends. ~hugs&kisses~


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