March 15, 2010

And who said that only in the woman sweet sixteen, eighteenth birthday or for a man twenty-first birthday party that it has to be of blast? Yep, that is commonly what is hereby normally-called but oops my friend who will be turning thirty sometime on the third week of April this year is such a special celebration of her! There are lot of reasons why she is doing this. It is because she has accomplished several diplomas already and currently she is working on what she likes which is a nurse on one of the prestigious hospitals in Los Angeles area. Another one is it is because of being thankful of a life she got, and other some couple of reasons. She is single and this is also to celebrate that is now free to accept suitors (granted by her parents after all). :-) With this, she said she needs printing services for her invitations to send to the peeps who she likes to come to her party. She want them to gather on her special day so one of the highlights of the stuffs she want is the invitations. She wanted it to be elegant and more inviting.

To be surrounded with friends and family circles here in USA (her immediate family cannot attend personally , they are in Philippines but they are celebrating as well through web cam and such on that day) is what her deep thought goal for this thirtieth birthday of her. I am planning to be there because she already invited me. I hope there's no circumstances that cannot be avoided of me on that special day of her because I do not want to spoil her special day. I wish her all the best of everything.


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