April 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

As I write this post I am as well watch basketball game of Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies at Channel 14 in Charter Cable tv from 6:30- 9 pm PST(Pacific Standard Time) of this day (Easter Sunday)live at Staples Center here in Los Angeles, so it's Lakers home court. So then, it's of 4th quarter now with the score of 74-60, in favor of LAL with the time of 8 minutes and 3 seconds to go to finish the game . I will then finish this post when the game will be finished.
So, how was your Easter Sunday folks? This day then, is the last day of Lenten Season and another church calendar cycle will begin tomorrow and another 40 days for the said Roman Catholic Church calendar which is also called the second cycle from 4 for the whole year. So then, where did you went lately and what had you done for this day? For me, I just at sit and sat at my computer , talk to my friend at the phone, cook adobong kangkong with rice to finish for the dinner. Then pizza for snacks bought. Then, lately at 5:00 pm went to church heard mass. For the rest of the day, sleep, sleep, and sleep! (~_~) Did I say sleep? Yep! I couldn't imagine that week went fast and my Spring break from school finished already and tomorrow will be the beginning of the busy days then.. I love it though, I love learning at school! I guess all of us does love learning too, am I right? (~_~)
And now the basketball game already end, but before I reveal the score I just wanna share to you folks who are also basketball fanatic that NBA Playoffs will begin this April 18th. So, I will be then sharing you what gonna be happen then, if you're interested.. are you? Or I will share you the baseball I watched yesterday between Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona, or about hockey of Los Angeles Kings vs. California Sacramento? Ohhh before I forgot NCAA began already, last 2 weeks ago UCLA vs. USC Women's Basketball Category is awesome and dramatic to watched! It's some kind of controversy at the last minute of the game wherein UCLA shoot to make it tie but in the end it's not counted but before the decision there was minutes of decision-making and that's what makes it controversy. So now, before I tacked about football and soccer, I have to tell you now the final score of Lakers vs. Grizzlies - the score is 92-75 of in favor of Lakers. Wooohooo!!! Grizzlies did a job though, it's a heart-pounding at the 3rd quarter down to the 4th. So, lets talk some about soccer and football as well as the other sports next time which I enjoy to watch or worthy to watch folks, com' on share the sports in us!.. How about yours, do tell us about it folks... Anyway, have a HAPPY EASTER SUNDA
Y a



  1. jeLai said...
    my Easter Sunday?well, i spent it with my special someone..we went to our friends' place and watched a cheerdance competition..
    we haven't had the time to go to church but we know for ourselves how holy that day is..
    seekngsane said...
    hi Rebecca,

    let me know when you get your jewelry and don't forget to click on your order as being received!thanks,hope you had a nice Easter.
    shydub said...
    You are a basketball fanatics girl, so you spent the whole sunday watching basketball? My babger too he watched that game yesterday while me blogging.

    BTW, got tag for you here grab it cai, http://shydub-simplehappylife.blogspot.com/2009/04/international-bloggers-community-tag.html

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