June 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Lately Los Angeles Lakers team was at Orlando Magi c home court for Game 3. And it will be on June 11, 2009--Thursday will be the match-up for the Game 4 playing at same basketball court. Recap to the game 3 play, Magic won over Lakers with the score of 108-104 in favor of Orlando Magic team. It's some kind of a heart-pounding, thrilling game lately because the score seems up and down then turn to tie, then finally Magic team won. But is there really a magic of the Orlando Magic team? Will they still win for the game 4 knowing that it's their(Magic) home court?

Anyway, congrats to the winner as well as to the supporters and fans of the team lately. I just wanna say that whatever the result of the game-- still it's just a game, a sport! And whatever the result is-- the players will be paid for it and let not the fans put it in heart or take it seriously because that's just sport-- and it's for entertainment and fun. So let's have fun! May the winner takes it all! (~_~) See you on game 4 folks!


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