March 06, 2011

What team you think won? Is it Lakers this time (after its loss for its first game before at Los Angeles Lakers home court) or Spurs, the second time around? With the score of 99-83, its Lakers this time, Lakers WON at San Antonio Spurs home court. From first quarter up to the fourth, Lakers already is dominant of the score. It even went up to more than 30 difference which of course in favor of Los Angeles Lakers. After being ashamed of being at loss with Spurs at Lakers home court, just lately Lakers got the revenge. :-) 

As the game went on lately, I was about to think Lakers fan goes to San Antonio. Ha! Wonder why? That is because 50/50 of the crowds are also cheering for Lakers! Ooh well, San Antonio is in California State, so many folks also knew the players or just their fans. Am just thinking of the second match-up also of Lakers and Clippers to which are all Los Angeles teams. Ah, I would love to see the crowds too! Ha! How exciting!


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Hooray for the Lakers, my favorite NBA team, for beating the San Antonio Spurs. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Cacai M. said...
    Cheers to us Kuya Mel! Appear! ;)
    Nonoy said...
    Wow. you also like NBA! I used to love the Spurs, now I love the Lakers. Kobe Bryant has matured his playing skills, unlike before wherein he played like a one-man team. and Gasol, Fisher, Bynum, the Lakers is sure to be still the next NBA champions.

    P.S Though I still love Tim Duncan. :-) Cheers! :-)

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