January 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I am a basketball fanatic! When it comes to sports, am not sure I have talent in this field but I love watching it! Basketball teams like Los Angeles (Lakers), Houston(Rockets), Cleveland(Cavaliers), Suns(Phoenix), Chicago(Bulls), Denver Nuggets, Boston(Celtics), Detroit(Pistons), New Orleans(Hornets), San Antonio(Texas), 76ers, Kings, Warriors, Hawks, Clippers, Spurs, Raptors, Mavericks, etc. . All teams especially the pro. Last year (2008) I followed the playoffs to the final part. I was always on tv at the very first quarter of the game 'till final. And as what we knew the Boston got it. Kobe Bryant had the MVP for that year and so on. The final was very nice to watch - a very2x close fight. I just can't think about how the players move and play, either it's a talent or practice- either of the two.. wow! it's amazing how they got the score which sometimes turn one player for just one minute for 3 shots or 6 points or more. how they do that? whew! Last game that I saw on Jan. 13, Lakers(Los Angeles) vs. Rockets(Houston )- the final score is in favor of Lakers team with 105-100, it's really fantastic though I just caught up the game in the last or fourth quarter(a good scene for me is first and final quarter). You know (I will relate to those who miss the thrill part or the game itself), at the very last 26 seconds the score went to 100-102 (a very close fight). And then at 00:00:08 the score went to 100-103 (in favor of Lakers), and it went to free throw but the Spurs don't got it and the Lakers got so the score went that way that made 100-105 on the last one(1) second because there's a free throw- that follows with a fan night for the Lakers team! I just remember while am still in the Phils., starting from a very young age, we(w/my friends and cousins, sometimes w/ my family) went to the basketball court in our place every summer, fiesta, and Christmas to watch for the league before and on the date of that events I mentioned and festivals too. I could think that is why I love basketball though I don't know how to play by myself in actual, ahh, I had our PE in college that every student have to try in the court to shoot the ball and etc., that adds why I love watching this kind of game. My partner in life loves it too. Well then, how about you do u love watching or maybe playing basketball too? For me, watching games is one of my hobby and basketball ranks high on it. Have a nice day!


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