June 15, 2010

The game six for National Basketball Association for this year is now on-going currently. Time check 6:42 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time as of Charter Communication's time. As I typed this post, I am at the same time watching the game between the green team Boston Celtics against the yellow team Los Angeles Lakers. The game held in Los Angeles Lakers team home court --- Staples Center. By this time, it is already in second quarter as of 8:45 time with the score of 34-22 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team. So far, Lakers is doing a tremendous defense hoping will win this game so there will be game 7 or to tie up the series score of the match-up. With that then, game seven will be the decision game of which team will be the champion which will be in Staples Center still. On the other hand, when Celtics won this current game, then there will be no game seven, meaning Celtics will then be declared as NBA 2010 Champion. That will be a shameful play for the Lakers if happen knowing it is its home court. Ooh well, I know game won't be judged through a team's home court but it's sadder when Lakers will loss at its home court, am I making sense? Ha! ;-) You know, am Lakers fan but if you followed me from my first post here regarding NBA, then you also know that I also like Celtics team but I admit, am more of Lakers -- just FYI about like Jack Nicholson to Lakers. ;-) For now, time check at second quarter's clock two minutes and 17 seconds before this quarter ends, score is 49-29 in favor of Los Angeles Lakers. I would like to stop now, I have to concentrate on watching the game. It is getting hotter and hotter! Haha! So far, it is 20 points lead by Lakers. Let us see what will happen to this game if Lakers will hold on with its score until this game ends. See yah of which team will win then.. which is your bet?


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