May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

After the sixth game lately matching up with Denver Nuggets at the latter home court, Los Angeles Lakers won for the Western Conference. The team got the award after the very entertaining game. So, they will advance to NBA Finals Championship as their thirtieth (30th) time to enter the finals. By the way, NBA Championship game will start this coming Thursday--June 04, 2009 at about the same time schedule as to lately. During this period, Eastern and Western champions will be matched up of who is really is the tough team of the two folks. Woohoo...! Who do you think folks? Is it the Lakers, Magic, or Cavaliers? Which is which? Which of the three is your bet folks? hemmm.... let us see!

Wonder why I was away for how many days? For my beloved peeps concerned, thanks a lot for the messages, I really appreciate it. And now, the reason is--it's because I was so busy following the NBA Western and Eastern Conference {(~_~)}. Am proud to say that I haven't missed any game from the very first game 1 up to the very last game of Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets as well as the Houston Rockets matched up to the first one.. heheheh... And oohh I haven't said also the Eastern Conference first two last matched-up too! I even had a lists of their scores of every game, some has their first quarter up to the fourth... Though I missed to watched the other teams consecutively of the playoffs but of the next I will, I am satisfied of the result. Am glad hubby is kind enough to let me know and remember me if the game is already on the way.. heheheh.. He also is a basketball fan but not so, he's just happy to see me smiling while watching the game (~_~).

By the way, later this day will be the judgment or if there will be a seventh game for the Eastern Conference between Cleveland Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic. It's hard to determine yet folks of which team will be matched-up to Los Angeles Lakers because the two are good enough! Later will be the sixth game for the two. The game score is 3-2 in favor of Orlando Magic. If Orlando Magic will win tomorrow there will be no game 7 just as to what happened with the Los Angeles Lakers versus Denver Nuggets.

James Lebron, who is the captain ball of Cleveland Cavaliers team is preparing for this big event later. As to what we know, this guy also was crowned as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of this year. I have to admit, I am one of his big fan! Are you too? hemmm.. like Kobe, he is also a jaw-dropping player that you could be dreaming of "how I wish I was like him" to play the basketball. A very smart, energetic, and very good team leader is what I admire of him! What a guy! heheheh... Okey, back to the ball game... hahahah! Are you going to watch for the game later folks? If so, enjoy watching... who's your bet?


David Funk of Basic Bloganomics

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  1. David Funk said...
    If LeBron has the kind of finish he had in Game 5, then the Magic better be worried. Other than that, the Magic has been hot from the floor and have the kind of athleticism to cause match-up problems.

    For ratings, everyone wants LeBron vs Kobe in the NBA Finals.

    I'm glad to have a nice, sporty friend like you that talks about sports on blogs.

    Enjoyed your post my dear friend!:)

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