February 22, 2009

I watched basketball live at our house lately from 4:00 pm to 6:30. The game was held in Minnesota home court. It is Lakers (Los Angeles team) vs. Timberwolves(Minnesota team). The game was good and entertaining. In the last hour they're of in change of score who's in lead. It's a good fight. I was thrilled too for I am Lakers fan, am glad Kobie got it a nd it ended on their favor- 111 over 108. Woohoo! Lakers won again! By the way, I took the photo from our tv screen.
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posted by: Cacai M.


  1. Bill said...
    It sounds like you are a big sports fan. Rock on girl. I am more into football myself. Take care.
    Juliet said...
    i like sports and i like lakers too. kamukha ka talaga nang friend ko.
    Chuchie Wilks said...
    Mahilig sad diay kag sports Sis...i never thoughts because you are such a darling

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