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May 31, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yep, yesterday is the game 6 for Orlando Magic versus Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic home basketball court. I supposed to give the detail yesterday after the game but I got lazy to update because my bet for Los Angeles Lakers feat for the Championship game is James Lebron but Dwight Howard dethroned him. Am still happy because Howard is still good to match Kobe and he proved it. It's still good for Lebron because he won the MVP title for this year so it's not that hurt to his part. In recap for last year, though Lakers didn't won as champion but still Kobe got the MVP award before it, so it was great to know and not as difficult feeling then..

By the way, the final score of the game 6 yesterday was 103-90 in favor of Orlando Magic. And as what I said on the 3rd paragraph of my other post , that if Orlando Magic won--there'll be no seventh game because they already leading of the game score 3-2. And they did it so no game 7 on Tuesday. Remember, it's on Thursday (June 4, 2009) is the game 1 for the Championship game of Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic. So watch out folks!

I forgot to ask, is your bet won folks? Mine didn't (huhuhuh).... Anyway, Happy viewing for the first game of NBA Final on Thursday (June 4, 2009) ! Have a Happy Week!

May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

After the sixth game lately matching up with Denver Nuggets at the latter home court, Los Angeles Lakers won for the Western Conference. The team got the award after the very entertaining game. So, they will advance to NBA Finals Championship as their thirtieth (30th) time to enter the finals. By the way, NBA Championship game will start this coming Thursday--June 04, 2009 at about the same time schedule as to lately. During this period, Eastern and Western champions will be matched up of who is really is the tough team of the two folks. Woohoo...! Who do you think folks? Is it the Lakers, Magic, or Cavaliers? Which is which? Which of the three is your bet folks? hemmm.... let us see!

Wonder why I was away for how many days? For my beloved peeps concerned, thanks a lot for the messages, I really appreciate it. And now, the reason is--it's because I was so busy following the NBA Western and Eastern Conference {(~_~)}. Am proud to say that I haven't missed any game from the very first game 1 up to the very last game of Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets as well as the Houston Rockets matched up to the first one.. heheheh... And oohh I haven't said also the Eastern Conference first two last matched-up too! I even had a lists of their scores of every game, some has their first quarter up to the fourth... Though I missed to watched the other teams consecutively of the playoffs but of the next I will, I am satisfied of the result. Am glad hubby is kind enough to let me know and remember me if the game is already on the way.. heheheh.. He also is a basketball fan but not so, he's just happy to see me smiling while watching the game (~_~).

By the way, later this day will be the judgment or if there will be a seventh game for the Eastern Conference between Cleveland Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic. It's hard to determine yet folks of which team will be matched-up to Los Angeles Lakers because the two are good enough! Later will be the sixth game for the two. The game score is 3-2 in favor of Orlando Magic. If Orlando Magic will win tomorrow there will be no game 7 just as to what happened with the Los Angeles Lakers versus Denver Nuggets.

James Lebron, who is the captain ball of Cleveland Cavaliers team is preparing for this big event later. As to what we know, this guy also was crowned as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of this year. I have to admit, I am one of his big fan! Are you too? hemmm.. like Kobe, he is also a jaw-dropping player that you could be dreaming of "how I wish I was like him" to play the basketball. A very smart, energetic, and very good team leader is what I admire of him! What a guy! heheheh... Okey, back to the ball game... hahahah! Are you going to watch for the game later folks? If so, enjoy watching... who's your bet?


David Funk of Basic Bloganomics

May 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's game 7 today for Boston Celtics versus Orlando Magic playoff. Actually am watching the basketball game for now live at tv {(~_~)} at Celtics home court. This will be the judging game for them of whoever wins. It's on the 4th quarter now with the time of 2:30 (two minutes and thirty seconds) time left for the game to end. Which is which folks? The score as of now is 99-78 in favor of Orlando Magic team. What do you think will win for this playoff between them folks? Well, it's still possible for Celtics to win (I guess) because we cannot predict even if the score is 17 lead by the other team. Hemmm... let's see..
Anyway, last May 12 - it's their match-up for game 5 and the Celtics got it at their home court. I wonder now that they don't got it, so far they're good at their home court. Remember, Celtics was the 2008 NBA Champion between Lakers? Yes, they are. I guess they will not get it now. Anyway their game 5 score was 92-80 in favor of Celtics. It's 12 score lead.
May 14 - at Orlando Magic home court. The score went to 75-83 in favor of Orlando Magic of 8 score lead. That was game 6. The overall playoff score for them is 3 games loss and 3 games won both team so on game 7 is the final game for them to be judged.

Okey, the playoff game for the match-up is over for them now, they didn't finish the minutes but it's already clear that Orlando Magic will win so it's over. The final score is 101-82 in favor of Orlando Magic, 19 points lead score for game 7 - the final game for the two team. Woohoo! Kudos to Orlando Magic and better luck next year for Boston Celtics!

May 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

May 12, 2009 - Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets have their game 4 playoff at Staples Center(Lakers home court) at 7:30 - 10 pm PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) or 10:30- 12 pm ET(Eastern Time). That time their score is 2 against 1, meaning Lakers has to win the game to tie up their game score to Rockets or else they loss their chance for playoffs against the other team. The game ended into regular time without any lapse or overtime in favor of Los Angeles Lakers team with 40 points against the other team. The score is 118-78. There are lots of fouls and touchings, well, that's just normal as to basketball game as long as all the two teams are practicing sportsmanship then no worries about it. On May 14, 2009 - second day after their game is their another playoff and that time in Houston Rockets home court. The Rockets as well are good in their home court that got them won the game of the score 95-80 of 15 points lead the entire game. Artest got so defensive and hot-headed but all in all no trouble happened, Kobe remained cool and calm as he is. Brooks got the game good and scored the highest among his Rockets co-players and it's impressive. The two tall good players wasn't there but still they managed it. Well then, am looking forward of their game tomorrow Sunday May 17 at Staples Center(Los Angeles Lakers home court) starting at 3:30 pm of Pacific Daylight Time. Hubby said don't be too serious about it because whatever happens whether one of who you in favor it will loss or win, still they have salary and huge bucks (heheheh..) but yeah that's true, it's just that I got amazed when watching about it and keeps me lively. Whew! Well then, happy watching later folks!

May 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

* President Barrack Obama will to go to the Heart of the Muslim World - Egypt - this early June to give Major Speech of long-awaited address to Muslim Countries. God bless!

** In Basketball playoff update, Houston Rockets defeated Los Angeles Lakers at their home court of the score 99-87 at game 4 lately played at 12:30 - 3:00 pm, their score now is 2-2, meaning Rockets has a loss of 2 games as well as won 2 games, Los Angeles Lakers as well. Am looking forward of the game 5 on Tuesday (May 12, Tuesday) at Staples Center or LA Lakers home court at 10:30 PM ET(Eastern Time) or 7:30 PM PDT(Pacific Daylight Time). By the way, Yao Ming got injured in their third game versus LAL and it takes 8 weeks to let it be cured, so no Yao Ming in the latest game, still they got it. As to recap, Derek Fisher got back in the game already after being suspended in one game as being ejected during the second game.

*** Boston Celtics defeated Orlando Magic with only one point of the score. It is so much overwhelming of the last one second that player from Celtics got it that made them won. Bravo!

April 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

April 18, 2009 is the date of which playoffs begin. I had posted of my last post but I have to currently update this, so here is this. Minutes ago, I just watched Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs played at Spurs home court. Both of the team are of Texas State. So, it's not that far to travel (I guess) unless they're to walk (lol)- am just kidding folks. I hope you're not so serious about the walking thing huh? (~_~) Let's add some spices here. To continue, they played for 2 hours and a half with advertisements live in cable. The two teams played well and matched good since the score just of near each other and the crowd just happy and cheering great. It's really a good match. On the second quarter Dallas won but on the 3rd, they're tie and it ended at the score of 105-97 in favor of Dallas team. Woohoo! Anyway, the next game is between Houston Rockets vs. Portland Trail Blazers to the game time of 7:30 to 10 pm. As usual it's 2 and a half hours. Am looking forward too of the Los Angeles Lakers team tomorrow afternoon. This will definitely be fun to watch. I am excited! Really I am a basketball fanatic that I want to follow the games. Am just glad that it's on weekends. Have fun watching folks!

January 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I am a basketball fanatic! When it comes to sports, am not sure I have talent in this field but I love watching it! Basketball teams like Los Angeles (Lakers), Houston(Rockets), Cleveland(Cavaliers), Suns(Phoenix), Chicago(Bulls), Denver Nuggets, Boston(Celtics), Detroit(Pistons), New Orleans(Hornets), San Antonio(Texas), 76ers, Kings, Warriors, Hawks, Clippers, Spurs, Raptors, Mavericks, etc. . All teams especially the pro. Last year (2008) I followed the playoffs to the final part. I was always on tv at the very first quarter of the game 'till final. And as what we knew the Boston got it. Kobe Bryant had the MVP for that year and so on. The final was very nice to watch - a very2x close fight. I just can't think about how the players move and play, either it's a talent or practice- either of the two.. wow! it's amazing how they got the score which sometimes turn one player for just one minute for 3 shots or 6 points or more. how they do that? whew! Last game that I saw on Jan. 13, Lakers(Los Angeles) vs. Rockets(Houston )- the final score is in favor of Lakers team with 105-100, it's really fantastic though I just caught up the game in the last or fourth quarter(a good scene for me is first and final quarter). You know (I will relate to those who miss the thrill part or the game itself), at the very last 26 seconds the score went to 100-102 (a very close fight). And then at 00:00:08 the score went to 100-103 (in favor of Lakers), and it went to free throw but the Spurs don't got it and the Lakers got so the score went that way that made 100-105 on the last one(1) second because there's a free throw- that follows with a fan night for the Lakers team! I just remember while am still in the Phils., starting from a very young age, we(w/my friends and cousins, sometimes w/ my family) went to the basketball court in our place every summer, fiesta, and Christmas to watch for the league before and on the date of that events I mentioned and festivals too. I could think that is why I love basketball though I don't know how to play by myself in actual, ahh, I had our PE in college that every student have to try in the court to shoot the ball and etc., that adds why I love watching this kind of game. My partner in life loves it too. Well then, how about you do u love watching or maybe playing basketball too? For me, watching games is one of my hobby and basketball ranks high on it. Have a nice day!

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