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March 30, 2012

When I sat-foot here in United States of A, I learned to appreciate the art of NBA sport. If you read my post/s about it which I wrote in the past, then you already know why. Okay, it's not a biggie deal for me to repeat, that I already appreciate the basketball sport even when I was in my younger/little years of age in my birth country, the place where I learn to appreciate the beauty of this world. Yes, where I was raised. And why? That is because basketball has been the famous sport when fiesta celebration is approaching up to the fiesta day. And not only on fiesta times but also when there's other events but the former is when it is famous aside from the fact that it is always present during intramural s day at school.

Now that I have my little one, I am handful, and that also means to more time of watching NBA live in TV especially when Lakers play. I can watch for few minutes but unlike the times when my baby love Sarah is not yet here. I can just reminisce of watching it most at the time of my pregnancy days. I wonder if my Sarah also loves watching NBA, huh! Well, let's see that then. :-)

How about you, do you also love watching NBA live in TV? How do you like it?

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