March 13, 2011

Do you love hiking? We know that this is a good form of exercise at the same time enjoying the view of our mother nature (just be sure you are hiking in a safe environments like forest where are bears and grizzlies, okay?). There are many folks having this kind of hobby and am one of them though I does not indulge in extreme ones or the traditional way, hiking and camping. For sure, hikers do have or would like to have a good accessory while doing it just like Leki Hiking Poles to help him/her on his/her journey along the way. Hike like a pro! ;-) I can only think of having one with all the accessories. Whatta hike is it, really. It must be fun. Being an adventurer is fun, don't you think? Do you like hiking or trekking?

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  1. caloy said...
    i have tried hiking in mt. makiling here in the philippines.. it was fun and exciting...

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