April 12, 2010

I so admire a woman who knows how to ride in a horse and fun riding with it. I wish to know but I guess I could only ride with it but not to maneuver the horse and let it go wherever I want to go but perhaps if am serious enough on how to get on it and work hard with smartness, then I will learn. Being an equestrian is no joke and it requires an effort, time and money but nevertheless, it will be worth it when it is what one desires. Stuffs like equestrian clothing is a must like this below:

lady riding a horse (image is courtesy of an equestrian apparels site)

Is it cute or what? It is really cute and pretty for me! I wonder how she did it. Hmmm.. am now wondering.. interested eh? She has cool outfits and looks she's having so much fun. Enjoying of what you are doing is great especially if you have the stuffs needed on being an equestrian or at least just know how to drive a horse.. :) Cool, isn't it? Well, enjoy... :)

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  1. Lulu said...
    weeeee we went horsebackriding today and it was fun!

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