March 05, 2010

Ranunculus Asiaticus

If you only know how healthy and blooming plant is this days ago or if you are a plant lover, you will also feel the nostalgic I feel as I see this yellow Ranunculus Asiaticus plant (together with the red color flowers) dying day by day. I am sad because this has a lot of buds that are about to bloom yet it could not rise anymore. :-) I cannot help it but just hold and embrace the sad journey of my plant. I wanted to do something in order this to live but I can see that it will no longer as alive as I have this a while ago. All I have to do is just witness. :-) This is the second pot plant died here in my new place I called a second home in the care of my hands. I said to my husband that I will just buy another outdoor plant perhaps next week and it would be an outdoor lucky bamboo or a green cactus, in that way I am confident that it will last long because it is already proven by my care. I do not regret of buying this but to the point that I do not know how it looks like the image above, I do! Hmmm.. I have to comfort myself --- that is alright. :-) By the way, I have this plant on my hands during valentines day. It was only about three weeks. :-(


  1. Mama Ko said...
    Ang akoa sd cai looy kaayo, ang isa namatay na jd ky nakalimtan nku isulod akong gipainitan sa gawas. nya nag snow aguy gi hypothermia hehehe. nya nag buy ko ug other kind of plants mura mn siya nangluod ni kuyot lol. bamboo plant ra jd ni survive.
    analou said...
    Baje, cge ba nimo bubo-an? Basin nasobrahan nimo ug bubo. I have 7 indoor plants right now ug kalooy sa diyos buhi man tanan. May gani if mabubo-an nako ka isa ka semana. At least once a week pwede na or if makit-an nimo nga oga ang yuta ayha nimo buboan. Kalloy pod tanom nimo baje. Well, palit nalang jud ug lain diha baje.
    Dorothy L said...
    D sprinkles some sun on Cacai's flower and hopes it has a better day tomorrow :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you Dorothy... I hope it will.. :-)

    @ An, ayha ra nko bubo-an if mauga xa ky ma-over pod if sge bobo-an, painitan pa nko 'sahay.. sus ikaduha nani nko patay na bulak.. ngarr.. bamboo nlng jud ako paliton sunod or dli ba tulips or green cactus best bud..

    @ Mama Ko, Tsang looy bitaw oi.. hypothermia diay tawag ana Tsang.. heheh.. now I know.. :-) kini pod ako Tsang, ningkuyot oi.. :-(

    Thanks for being here mga gwapa.. muahhh!
    Dhemz said...
    ayay! wala naka agwanta....this plant needs sunlight...ehhehehe!

    sos ang mga bulak dire madam sis...d man man last woi...maka ulit jud usahay....:)

    musta naman ka diha madam sis? murag busy galing ka kau sa opps dire da...ehehhe!
    Cacai M. said...
    lagi pod nuon madam sis, basin og iya nani nga time nga mamatay na xa.. lol.. bamboo nlng ko ky always buhi, ibutang lang sa glass vase nga tubig og mogamot na xa and mosanay.. laki og baye ako paliton para mag-anak2x.. lol.. thanks for being here madam sis.. ~hugs&kisses~
    Tetcha said...
    Water and sunlight is a good combination for your plant. I hope that does the trick.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks Te Tetcha but I already did that whenever the sun comes out. I just realize and remember that here in US most plants are seasonal, when it's spring & summer --- it has plants for it and on the other hand when it's fall & winter, it has its plants for such season too. Thanks again Te Tetcha. ~hugs&kisses~

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