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March 05, 2010

Ranunculus Asiaticus

If you only know how healthy and blooming plant is this days ago or if you are a plant lover, you will also feel the nostalgic I feel as I see this yellow Ranunculus Asiaticus plant (together with the red color flowers) dying day by day. I am sad because this has a lot of buds that are about to bloom yet it could not rise anymore. :-) I cannot help it but just hold and embrace the sad journey of my plant. I wanted to do something in order this to live but I can see that it will no longer as alive as I have this a while ago. All I have to do is just witness. :-) This is the second pot plant died here in my new place I called a second home in the care of my hands. I said to my husband that I will just buy another outdoor plant perhaps next week and it would be an outdoor lucky bamboo or a green cactus, in that way I am confident that it will last long because it is already proven by my care. I do not regret of buying this but to the point that I do not know how it looks like the image above, I do! Hmmm.. I have to comfort myself --- that is alright. :-) By the way, I have this plant on my hands during valentines day. It was only about three weeks. :-(

March 04, 2010

a yellow Ranunculus Asiaticus

Do you remember our high school science subject flora and fauna? Heheheh.. yep, it is where I got my title aside from my paternal grandmother name is "Flora". Alright, flora is botany term of flower whereas fauna is an animal term. I was anxious to have a live flower near my laptop when setting on my computer station table. I wonder if you know why beside the reason of beautification. It is to protect my eyes against the computer radiation {though findings said there is no harmful effect of computer radiation unlike x-ray or ultra-violet rays} - I just like it. The third reason is I have something to see if ever I want to look for something have a life whenever my husband is not around. (~_~) Yep, I have it and the image above I took after valentines day this year. I like this plant because it has a lot of buds that are about to bloom --- more than six. But sad to say that it is dying nowadays. I will put up the current image I have on the next. I am sad. :-(

October 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

my plant died

Haaaay, remember my post about a poor plant ? This is the present image after devastated. It died. I can feel the softness of its vascular tissue (the inside part of the plant stem) so that is it. It's dead. Huhuhu. I feel pity of this plant after I put outside to have a sunlight but it has a lot, that's why it turned out that way. :-(

October 07, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

my poor plant(at present image)

I feel pity for my plant. Two weeks ago, I put it outside near the door to have sunlight. I just found out that it was over with sunlight (that was so hot that time) and its leaves turn into over red , the sign of over sunlight. And the leaves slowly fell down until lately, it was like the image above. And the image below is the healthy one which I can't see anymore beside my table. huhuhuh.. (:
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