January 11, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I am dying to wish and hope to get an exercise stuff inside our house. Why such it become my wish? Because it's somewhat like difficult for me to acquire and the explanation is secret as for now.. :-) Okay, I don't want that stuff before since I work my body off mostly everyday but nowadays I am mostly here in the PC doing something, some studying and reading and also some assignments to do and looking forward on going up. I mean you know.. I am mostly on sitting because of stuffs here and there that acquainted more on PC. I don't exercise often, usually I do some brisk walking going downtown (three to five minutes away to where DH and me live) and have some window and little shopping (a great therapy on boredom too at the same you have the exercise). I tell you it also have more on walking part on the store chasing and getting the best on my taste :-). I just hope that I can have one of those ellipticals exercising stuff. For now, it's just a wish but when the plan will move on to move to another house to which we will do after I can have my permanent GC (that we're working these days that will make my mood "no good" everytime there's something going on). I (and my dear behalf) anxious and excited to move in but we will just have to wait. Hopefully with God's permit.


  1. kathy said...
    Goodluck sa imong GC sis... Makuha na nimo imong card pretty soon.. Hay while gahuwta ka makapalit ug elliptical machine, just dance around para maka-exercise ka ginagmay.. hehehe...

    Cacai M. said...
    heheh.. thanks for the uplifting and friendly message gwapa.. muahhh!
    GAGAY said...
    ate cai..added this blog and two others more (yung cacai m place and thoughts resources something) in my two (owned-domain) blogs..hope ul do the same!!! :0


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