March 04, 2010

a yellow Ranunculus Asiaticus

Do you remember our high school science subject flora and fauna? Heheheh.. yep, it is where I got my title aside from my paternal grandmother name is "Flora". Alright, flora is botany term of flower whereas fauna is an animal term. I was anxious to have a live flower near my laptop when setting on my computer station table. I wonder if you know why beside the reason of beautification. It is to protect my eyes against the computer radiation {though findings said there is no harmful effect of computer radiation unlike x-ray or ultra-violet rays} - I just like it. The third reason is I have something to see if ever I want to look for something have a life whenever my husband is not around. (~_~) Yep, I have it and the image above I took after valentines day this year. I like this plant because it has a lot of buds that are about to bloom --- more than six. But sad to say that it is dying nowadays. I will put up the current image I have on the next. I am sad. :-(


  1. melandria said...
    hello, it's been a while since i visit here. thanks for dropping by. i do hope you can join my contest too.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you for being here Melandria.. do you like my plant? Anyway, will visit yah later.. ~hugs~

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