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August 30, 2013

I have been keeping a journal since I was in high school. When I reached college, I wrote more or let me say, I made more that in later years. I had a hard time which place should I stock those piles. I don’t like the thought anyone going through my journals while I am still alive.

Someone asked me, what’s in your journal? I told her, oh well, they are personal experiences, mostly what my day was or a weekend like or my aspirations. I also recorded some love moments and even the fights and confused moments. I think keeping journal is a healthy habit. It may look weird for some because it makes an introvert person more introvert, but to me, it’s kind of healthy because if there is no one near you, or if one is not comfortable sharing her deepest thoughts, she has the journal to pour out her feelings.

Keeping a journal is not just for girls. There are men who kept one, too. Even great men have journals. Examples of men who kept a journal or diary are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kurt Cobain, Ronald Reagan, and Captain Cook. These are just some of them. There are or course a lot of women who can add up to this list.

So, if you want to end up like any of them, keep writing! It does not matter if it’s only for your eyes, the important thing is you write about the moments of your life. :-)

August 06, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hi folks, how are you today? how's the weather at your place? In mine, it is okay and it's not hot as like yesterday--it's of 80+ degrees Fahrenheit. So I like it! My bod is in neutral condition as of now plus the wind cooperates (much air I got of where am I now).. thanks God. By the way, I would like to introduce my second blog named " THOUGHTS, IDEAS, and RESOURCES ". You can also see in the link bar below the header of this site to be redirected to its own site aside from clicking the highlighted title here. A little introduction of it is that it is a personal random thoughts of thoughts, ideas I have in mind, and the resources or where will I get some source of it. More of like solution of the scenario. So then, it is a blog composed of anything, everything, and all the things comes up. See yah there.. hugs!

April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
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April 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


This is from Roman Catholic Church Calendar which they distributed to church people and am one of them. The saying was touching for me and I guess you too? I hope so. I was touched because one time in my life I was full to the sense of I have enough of my plate already. Hemmm.. sounds testimony? lol. Am ashamed to say but I have to, to express and hoping this will help such individual who has with this now. As reminisce also and thankful for all the gifts even just in small things. I used to say before, why I have this and they don't have? I could see lots of individuals like of my age who has just a small problems and they have all the things they like. I guess I was just in self-pity and some kind of jealous? Well, I guess. hahah. I said to myself, I don't have anything because I could only see the one that am longing of. I even not appreciated the small things I had nor be thankful of them. As time went on, my mind got matured and already understands the way life in this world. I mean the process and the importance of every individual and small stuffs and things not only physically but most of all spiritually. We need it to grow. If not, then we're not, then one is not yet grown-up even if our age is already old. We need to accept the fact and face the consequences and of course to taste the fruit of our labor. It's matter of understanding and growing mentally to become a fully grown-up individual. With that, one realize how important are the small things and miracles, they help us to realize the beauty of God's larger ones. Have a pleasant first day of the week folks!

April 26, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

How do you like the above trophy fellow co-bloggers? Am sure you like to have this. If that is what in your mind right now, why not visit David Funk of Basic Bloganomics site of blog description - Imagine blog of possibilities- under the Sport category. By the way, his contest named which is also in the title above which is " 2009 Blog Championship Series " is running already and needs only 16-32 peepz to participate to review it. You need to see the blog, i know all are qualified but first you need to see the qualification to enter such contest he has right now. It's just simple to enter, all you have to do is click the trophy above or the highlighted contest title in quote or and expect to be landed in the page which has all the info you wish to know. By the way, if you have see this one now {of course because you're reading (~_~)} and you wish to come back on the other day, you can also click the image which I put here in this left side corner of my sidebar below my badge code. The choice is yours folks!
I like this author not only because he is a funk as what he's name is in here "David Funk", he is also a smart one, intelligent, sport-minded, a good writer, friendly, a well-organized blogger, and artistic one - that is what I knew him as to how he writes his write-ups or posts. He has that well-rounded blog and fresh. You can tell by the way it has been written and made. I like all what he wrote and one of my favorite post of him is the Blog Community Rap post wherein he composed it by himself just like a music composer do which I like most aside that my name and blog title is there (*wink*). Yep, I write this not because he is one of my close friend here but because am one of this said author fan. He knows how to capture the readers heart that's why he has now that Google's importance or Page Rank of 3, I wonder not because his blog and of course him (the author behind it) deserves what Google give. The good thing too is he is still open for exchange link, when you like to have a good link to your site then go on and have one. About his layout, it's also pretty cool to look-at - it just shows that the blogger behind is a guy and an artistic one. As you want to visit his site, you have to expect the pop-up ad but not a bad one, just bear with it because the ads are awesome to read too, and if you're eager to see what's really inside of his blog and you don't want to read the ads, you have the choice! it's because you can click the skip button which is at the top right side of the welcome ad. About the page load, it's also okey, I just hope that he will put his blog roll or the visitors button or live traffic feeds into scroll bar which I guess it will loads more faster but even if not, it's not that slow in fact, it's still loads good and still one of the best, so you don't have to worry of waiting to see what's inside in his very nice blog. So see yah there co-bloggers and all for everyday I visit his good-to-read and unique blog of him - that is also why you can see his blog in my blog roll right at the left side of my site. By the way, you may also want to see and hop-in the sites of which he links-in that of course is a fan of him which extends whole-heartedly supporting him for this contest, these are the ff (and more to come):
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2. Paul H(Sports Soapbox) : 125x125 ads
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So then, have a pleasant day while reading on his blog folks! See yah there ...


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