November 30, 2010

I love shoes and I buy them in different styles and color.  Unknown to many, when I buy shoes I make sure that I fall in love with it first.  It is important for me to like and love what shoes I am buying because I will wear it for a long time.  My shoe collection ranges from those stringy sandals, running/walking shoes, formal shoes and even boots!  I am a typical woman after all, who likes different styles and likes to accentuate any outfit with a wonderful and beautiful shoes.

I also learned to love collecting dress shoes.  I used not to wear those pumps but as I see it, I see more people that are drawn to wearing those kind.  I can't blame them as pumps are really eye catching and they can be worn even if you are in a dress or pants.  Needless to say, I got a few pairs of that too.

Being a Filipina, it seems like it is normal for us to collect shoes and purses.  I guess that goes back to being influenced by Imelda Marcos who owns the greatest shoe collection.  Now, if you want to be a shoe collector then, check out  You can shop at their website and look for shoes on sale.  They have quite a wide collection of shoes that I am sure you will love.


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