April 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


This is from Roman Catholic Church Calendar which they distributed to church people and am one of them. The saying was touching for me and I guess you too? I hope so. I was touched because one time in my life I was full to the sense of I have enough of my plate already. Hemmm.. sounds testimony? lol. Am ashamed to say but I have to, to express and hoping this will help such individual who has with this now. As reminisce also and thankful for all the gifts even just in small things. I used to say before, why I have this and they don't have? I could see lots of individuals like of my age who has just a small problems and they have all the things they like. I guess I was just in self-pity and some kind of jealous? Well, I guess. hahah. I said to myself, I don't have anything because I could only see the one that am longing of. I even not appreciated the small things I had nor be thankful of them. As time went on, my mind got matured and already understands the way life in this world. I mean the process and the importance of every individual and small stuffs and things not only physically but most of all spiritually. We need it to grow. If not, then we're not, then one is not yet grown-up even if our age is already old. We need to accept the fact and face the consequences and of course to taste the fruit of our labor. It's matter of understanding and growing mentally to become a fully grown-up individual. With that, one realize how important are the small things and miracles, they help us to realize the beauty of God's larger ones. Have a pleasant first day of the week folks!


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