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March 20, 2010

I forgot health care folks called the primary stuff that doctor or nurse use to get a blood pressure, I guess you know it, it is just on my mind but I can't utter the word. Just imagine what I mean. :-) ... I will tell you then what is that name later, okay? The important is I already describe it. I hope you understand what I mean. The choice number two nowadays is pulse oximeter device to get the blood pressure monitor or a blood-oxygen level and a heart rate of a person to monitor health condition usually used at home.

My DH and I even have like this at home but the one that has a cuff and put it at the left side of a joint between our hands and arm then it has to be leveled unto the heart of a person to get the heart rate through pressing the power button when done putting up carefully and accurately.But nowadays due to technology advance, little by little it was changed unto the latest one. Have you have a device in your home like that above?

January 23, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I was on the thought of "how they did it?" thing months ago after I saw an online company that accepts staffs only online yet they can monitor if your work on how many hours you did, if you're working on that particular hours of work, and stuffs like that. In short, an online company can monitor its employees and co-employees like doing it at traditional office. I admit, I am no IT graduate not even an IT student, that's why... :-) I just then find out while having my steps or quest, that company like this uses project management software to do such stuffs that I got curious and wondered why... :-) Anyway, it's not really a big deal, just curiosity... you know... My com sci and IT graduate friend even told me that she's one of those employees of such cool online company that did technical jobs. All she did was downloaded something and if its time to work, she just opened it and did the next process.. etcetera, and so on.. :-) I was happy then from what I knew... Hmmm.. technology does wonders.. :-)

December 10, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Do you find it difficult to find a job nowadays? News and reality said that finding a job is difficult when the knowledge you have doesn't fit in to the desired position. When it comes to a particular position, skill is very important. Some graduated of such degree or whatever diploma he/she has, then finds hard to get in because of lack of patience and perseverance, his/her skill isn't that in-demand as the status of the economy is concern? I believe that there is always a way to find-out. Go and search wherever it is and get the job which is good for you. Using one's skill, surely one will find a way. Good luck!

June 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I ended up blank today. I mean, after blog hopping-- it is my plan to do some posting for I have lots to do regarding in here(my blog) and at the house chores. I will have to do some cleaning too in my pc memory and some stuffs that don't needed anymore. I will have to post my FC also and some comment love and the arranging and cleaning at the house too-- I need to do the vacuum on the carpet, clean the bathroom, washing clothes, change the bed sheets, and all the stuffs here and there! Ohhh, anyone wants to help me? Anyway, I got my Office Tech. Certificate I yesterday in compilation for Filing, Telephone Techniques, Keyboardin g , and 10-Key Calculator . And that means that it's an advance spring semester closi ng for me too. Yepey! heheh.. (~_~).. I will just continue my Microsoft Word and Excel update next semester (I guess) or maybe I will have to enroll about web designing or not to go class anymore for the Fall Semester. Lots on my mind-- it's just depends on the time and schedule if it's appropriate. And one thing I plan to get my master's degree next year and etcetera and so on. Hemmm.. time management really is the answer! The good recent good news? Well, I just got an A grade of my Office Tech course.. Wheew! be happy for me folks.. (~_~)

Have a pleasant day all!

May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Have you heard about this folks? Are you the person who keyed-in your right hand--the 5 fingers move while keying-in numerical problems? Math guru out there, did you do this?

Not particular with the math guru, it is specifically designed for the peeps who likes to type number on their personal computers without looking into the keyboard keys. They can be a secretary, accounting clerk, cashier, student, or even professors, and the like. If you're one of these peeps, how many problems have you solve within 30 minutes? With that 5 to 10 numbers in one problem of multiplication and division, memory-in and out and summed it up after the 5 problems. How about with the dot and percentages and punctuations?

Eerrr.. this is what am taking-in now for the Office Technology job. Some kind of difficult but challenging one. Yes, I love challenge and it's part of my line. Not particularly with the Management task but with the numbers task and I wanna know all the details about it. As far as I can, I wanna do it. It's hard but that's what life and work is at first. I believe of the great folks hiding in the name--Anonymous saying that you will "never reap if you haven't sow", heheheh.. The lesson learn? Just be patient studying and you will get what you wanted to learn! It's hard but I want to learn about it so I have to!



April 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

As the world become hi-tech, more and more students want to study e-learning specifically on the area of Information Technology or IT. I remember when I was still in the Philippines lots of my college classmates want to shift their course to this one because it has been said that Information Technologists will be more in demand in the future - and that is five years more ago. And yes that is true and I can see it increasingly more and more want to get a certification of this short course. It can then varied from one year up to 3 years in training depending upon the level of mind of an student - if she wants an idea of self-paced or the opposite way the low-paced one in order for such would become a certified at the closing of learning. Hence, one such study in order to have one and that is called training to be able to get the certification needed. With that, one is in-demand in terms of IT works. He/She can then have a very good paying job with the benefits one is entitled to. Who employers do not want to get an skilled network associate to work in information technical job?

Getting this certification depends upon on whether you like taking it up either through: certification preparation course, attending a certification training camp, purchasing a self-study book, or through Computer Based Training. Many of individuals prefer to have the latter choice because one can study at the comfort of their home at their own convenient time. Speaking of it, K Alliance offer CCNA online training which offers such. Go ahead and find the information you are looking for. Who knows this is what you want to and a training you are looking for. Think about it. Come and check then. Also, phone number is available for you for more information and inquiries of such on their website. Knowledge is power so be sure to have good info's especially nowadays. Have a pleasant day all!

April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's been about 2 weeks that I haven't been to school specifically 6 days of school days absent in my Office Tech class and 1 session for communication class - high level of Speaking and Listening. I was touched lately that my professors and classmates missed me that much. I told my prof though but still I can see the miss they felt. I love them as my school buddies! I missed my communication session not already the other because I have been there lately as I said and this will be continued then. Anyway, I just take my other not yet taken subject one at a time. For now, am in review of Microsoft Word just to enhance my rotten knowledge - imagine how many years already that I didn't use it but am glad am into this class now. It's always been good to be updated so knowledge will be refreshed. It's not my goal before though.. heheh.. I mean I don't like to take classes anymore because am done of it. lol. but nope, it's very important then, it's just now that I realize after thorough thinking of my future - it's then beneficial - who knows I (w/ hubby) could build our own small bus. soon as we settle down in the PI or here after his retirement so the course I took will not go into waste or education is really important whatever the reason is!
Anyway, Am glad I still know the process but some I forgot, so, all in all this is very beneficial to me. I have already finished the Telephone Techniques and the Filing. Thanks God that HE guided me along my education steps that I got an A Grade. And so far, I already have my average of Timed Writing of 46WPM (Words Per Minute) with no error. My target is 50, so long way to go? It conflicts to my blogging sometimes before though but I then got the exact time management. The next thing that I wanna do is then continue my Microsoft Word huge book exercises (am just in 1/3 of it) as fast as I could so I can finish it whole on or before Spring Class end, the better if I can get all as well the 10-key Calculator and the Microsoft Excel in order. Hopefully, wish me luck or I mean pray for me folks! I believe without God in all what we do, we are nothing. Hopefully too as I said in my other post in here that next year it's either to get the Master's Degree in Business Management. I hope it's not that expensive in CSU-LA (California State University - Los Angeles) and I can have all the requirements. Or it depends which one is good for the season, either Web Designing or the first. It's way to go though, I need to have a good decision about it but I know God is always with me so I will not fear in every steps and journey I make. Ohhh well, am so serious now, let's just then end this or I will in emote here.. *wink* but yeah hopefully with God's grace. Hope so. Have a pleasant day everyone!

April 15, 2009

Hey everyone, are you a graduate of Information Technology or had been laid off from your technical jobs particularly if you're into this IT course and want to apply for other company and currently browsing which website you're going into? I have a website to share to you folks which might an answer to your problem right now. But before that this website offers jobs in IT or IT Jobs, Engineering Jobs and Career Resources for IT and Engineering Professionals. The good thins is jobs in IT is in! My sister in Tennessee would be delighted with this news of mine because she's been an IT graduate and currently looking a website that she could got to get a job. And it's good because there's a lot of state that you could choose where you wanna work or where you're living right now and wants just to work near in your home or just in your state. I hope she and you folks could get a job soon through this site. So, what are you waiting for, browse and check this out now! I hope you guys will be delighted as to what I said. Good luck for your job search in there!

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