April 24, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

What happened is that it seems it's a very big deal to Perez Hilton who is one of the judge of 2009 Miss United States of America pageant who handles or gives question to the contestant. Unluckily because the judge who ask her a question is a gay and it pertains to the gay personality specifically about Same-sex Marriage, that makes Miss California 2009 - Carrie Prejean a very controversial one. And it's a very big deal that some can't understand that it's just her personal opinion as it pertains to her personality. On the other hand, she represents the state so I guess that's also one reason that Perez Hilton and the opposition of her answer on the pageant is thinking. Probably they think that it's not only a personal thought but the whole state she's representing. Well then, whatever it is, she's pretty, sexy, and the First Runner-up of the said search. And that could not be changed, and now she's famous because of the incident. Lots of people congratulates her though..
Below is the video of the Question and Answer portion of the pageant:

Kudos to 2009 Miss California and also to the reigned Miss USA and all the awardees of the pageant! Congratulations!



  1. Umma said...
    I havent watch this pageant though.. but I believe everybody is entitled to her/his own opinion. It gotten controversial bec the question is very sensitive one especially here in Cali.
    Janice said...
    Hi Cacai!!! hehehe yes, this was one very interesting video and event! I watched it on TV and was just staring at her when she answered! .. oh well... hehehehe
    bingkee said...
    I haven't seen it but I take sides with Miss California. Though she didn't win because of her answer, that's definitely the right answer. And standing by her beliefs might cause her to lose but she wins the favor of God.
    Hey, Cai, I have a tag for you. Pls. do come over to my blog to grab it.
    Nedekcir said...
    In my opinion we need more people like her.
    ROSILIE said...
    Hello Cai!

    It is a contest and the question is directed to a person, so, it is always her answer/her opinion. At least she knows what side she is heheheheheh!
    Nanaybelen said...
    Hi Cacai, thanks for sharing the video. It's interesting
    psycha said...
    Hi Cacai. Have a nice Sunday. God Bless
    Gossip said...
    Hello Cacai..good posting..important to add my knowledge..keep it friend!

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