April 05, 2012

It is the time of the year to commemorate lent season. I don't know if other religion celebration Holy Week as much as Roman Catholic's culture.

Yes, today is "Holy Thursday" in United States of A. The day of commemorating Christ Jesus' journey as He was punished for saving human's first sin through Adam and Eve. Tomorrow is the day, "Holy Friday", commemorating the day He died in the cross whilst the day after tomorrow is the second day to which it is called as "Black Saturday". Then on the third day He rose again, that is why it is called "Easter Sunday", the beginning of Easter Season in the Church Calendar. I knew this as I went to Catholic School during my Junior and Senior years in high school as well as I graduated a 4-years course in a Catholic School as well. And we were taught about it, as much as we experienced the commemoration every year.

Since I married to a non-Catholic person (which I did not regret), I cannot really feel the moment and essence of Holy Week here in USA though I still remember what we were doing wayback. And so this post is my way of remembering and commemorating such!


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