October 17, 2012

It sounds as if, well, yeah; I was dead tired, but I am not complaining. I ran to the grocery store to buy something that I could prepare for our visitors. I cleaned the kitchen after cooking and of course, nanny-ing to my precious little angel as well. I run from here and there, and I had no time to park myself in a couch. I wish I have a nanny for my daughter, so I could finish all the things earlier. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself for I was able to do all these things all by myself. It’s a great feeling to see that everything has been done. I know being a mom to Sarah, and a wife to my husband is not easy. I have different roles to them, and I wish I would be able to perform my roles very well. Anyhow, it’s time for me to stop now for I need to put Sarah on her bed, and besides, I am sleepy too.


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