September 23, 2012

I am glad that hubby doesn't need to work this weekend. He could sleep all day at home, but I know it is impossible because my husband doesn't like to stay in one corner and do nothing. He’s a workaholic husband. He works hard for us, and I am so grateful to the Lord above for he gave me a good provider and a loving, thoughtful, and most of all a faithful husband.

Since, I don’t have a fixed income, and I stayed at home 24/7 days a week just to take care of our bundle of joy, I tried to help my husband’s bills by saving our bills such as energy bills, water bills, and I have never shopped without his approval even if I don’t need to ask him. I know he provided me everything I need specifically my personal needs but I don’t want to take it for granted. We are not a perfect couple. We also have misunderstanding sometimes but that is just part of our journey being a husband and wife. Anyway, since he is at home, I want to cook his favorite food, and I also want to watch a movie later tonight with him. So, it’s a date with him here in our simple abode.


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