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April 13, 2013

As a first-time mom and being a mother, my journey has been the most difficult, trying, lonely, confusing, challenging experience I have encountered. I am not complaining because this is what I like and want to be, a mommy and a homemaker. For years, I was in BC and the time that DH and I already planned for a little angel, I was overjoyed when God granted us the desire of our heart. Now our little angel is growing so fast. When she was little, most often, her dad usually bought her toys that are suitable for her age. Now, that she is a little bigger, and ready to explore the outside world, I then bought her a mini scooter just like a kick scooter, to which I helped her in maneuvering it.

I thought this kind of toy is for the boys only. Not until little girls (including my friend C's daughter and son) in the park. When SAM saw them, she also wanted to have herself and so interested to be at it, yes, ride on it. I cannot stop her from doing so because she cried out loud. I gave in, after all, I was with her helping to maneuver the scooter. Furthermore, I tried to position her feet on the scooter’s floor, and put her tiny hands on the bars, she was actually scared but excited as well as so happy about it. Also, when I started to push the scooter slowly, her anxiety started to break off and in just a few minutes, she enjoyed more riding her mini-scooter (with me at her back of course). If the weather is good, especially if the husband has no work, we usually go to the park and let our little angel play, run, walk, swing and the likes. If Sarah is happy, I am happy as well. Her laughter is like music to my ears.

Ooh my SAM. :)

May 10, 2012

For most people, summer is synonymous to going to the beach. Swimming all day and playing on the sand with friends and family can really make a summer journey more enjoyable for everyone. Even before summer starts, people are already planning for their upcoming summer getaway; beach resorts are already receiving advance bookings and airlines are already offering their summer rates for travelers.

A summer vacation can be more enjoyable if all the summer essentials are present. This includes sun block lotions, the right eye-wear and hats to protect them from the sun and of course, the right swimwear. Wearing a swim wear that has a suitable design can add to a person’s confidence and can make him move more comfortably. Colorful beachwear for summer can be found in different clothing stores. They have summer wear for every age group. A colorful swim wear can help create a more relaxed and happy mood not just for the person wearing it but also to those who see it. Sweet caps for kids in various designs and colors can make the younger members of your family look fashionable as they play around the beach. With all the essentials and fashionable and colorful beach wears, everyone will surely have a memorable and fun summer getaway.

April 25, 2012

Family-friendly parks are an excellent venue for a simple weekend bonding journey with the whole family. Everyone can just have a relaxing day outdoors with their family after a busy week at work or school. Most parks these days are making some improvements in their facilities to encourage families to go out and spend a stress-free day with each other. Picnic tables are being installed for families who want to enjoy their favorite dishes while enjoying the beauty of nature. Sharing stories and enjoying a delicious meal will be more fun when it is held outdoors from time to time. Park benches are also added for individuals who just want to have a quiet time while witnessing all the other activities within the park. It is also a perfect place to read a new book or reread your favorite novel. Bleachers can also be found in parks where local sporting events and gatherings are being held. Members of the community can support their local teams or watch a presentation by kids from their local school.

January 19, 2012

In most communities, we can find parks, children’s playgrounds and even dog parks. These amenities allow members of the community, both young and old, a chance to enjoy various outdoor activities. Activities such as picnics, festivals and outdoor musical presentations allow them to get to know each other and develop friendships along the way. This will contribute greatly to a harmonious and peaceful community in general.

To make these outdoor amenities more inviting and conducive to regular outdoor activities, proper furnishings or furniture should be provided. Aluminum Bleachers are the common choice when it comes to both outdoor and indoor bleachers because they are durable, lightweight, portable and can withstand the damage caused by the weather. They also come in different styles that can complement the overall look of the area where they will be placed. These bleachers are ideal for auditoriums and ample sized parks where friendly sports matches can be held.

The increase in the number of pet owners, particularly dog owners, has contributed in the emergence of dog parks in residential communities. Pet Waste Stations are essential elements of dog parks. These will help maintain the cleanliness throughout the park. Pet owners will be more comfortable about allowing their pets use the dog exercise equipment if everyone is aware of their responsibilities as responsible dog owners.
With outdoor amenities such as those mentioned, enjoying a great day with family members, friends, neighbors and even pets will be something that everyone will look forward to.

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