October 09, 2012

Sarah is just one year old, and a few more months I guess, I have to give her a potty training (I get nervous when I think of it). Honestly, I have no idea on how to start with it. I hope there will be no fighting scene between me and Sarah. Ha-ha! I asked hubby about this, and he told me just to give her the potty chair, or I will let her see me sitting in the toilet. Ha-ha! Hubby thought that it is just as simple as that, but for me, this is really a big thing that I should have to learn before Sarah could start her potty training. I actually asked some of my friends who have children about this potty training issue, their own journey about it and the steps. And they shared their experiences; some were funny and some were frustrating. Anyway, I know there are also books that I could read on how to train a child to poop on her potty-chair. I wish I could have it soon so I could start reading on it.

I hope my mommy instinct will work. :-)


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