December 08, 2012

There are times when I can’t avoid having leftovers. Alright, almost all the time. I do that because I have a young child who always demand my attention. In short, I don't have a lot of time to cook new meals every time. Also, when the husband fails to come home at mealtime or when the husband tag me to eat out during untimely occasions when food had been prepared at home, food may be left over for the next meal. I know it is not good if I throw away the food, but what can I do with that? Well, I never discouraged. I am not a good chef, but I tried my best that I could prepare a new dish from the leftover foods. I have learned this from my experience and it is really effective. You just have to remember that when dealing with leftovers, you have to change their form. A dish of reheated vegetables tastes flat and is devoid of appetite appeal. But wash them and make them into golden omelet, and you have something for the family. To throw away the food is a waste, so be creative and use your imagination to create a new dish from the leftover foods.


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