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November 25, 2012

Nowadays, a car is one of the most important possession in the family. It could make our lives easier if we have cars at home. Owning a car is like having a baby. It also needs a proper care to lengthen the life of your car. It has also a maintenance which means you must have extra funds for the maintenance of your car. Unfortunately, since this is a machine operated, time will come, it can no longer be used. So, the next option is to buy another car that your family could use everyday. However, buying a car is far different from buying clothes, shoes, and accessories at the mall. If you are just an ordinary employee, and you don’t have enough funds yet for the car, the very best thing to do is to tighten your budget, and if you could, set apart a little money from your salary until you have enough funds for the car. On the other hand, if you are in need to buy a new one, there are car stores everywhere on earth that offers car loans if you can’t buy for cash. I heard great companies of the financing companies throughout the state of Florida. They help individuals to finance your car. So, try to look for a financing company similar to what I have mentioned above. You can search them on the internet, and if you found one, look for a car store near you, and if you found the car you like then visit the car store as much as possible, because it is hard to negotiate a good price on the internet. Several people like to shop a car through dealership because dealership remains the cheapest place to buy a car. But if cash is not available, as I have said, applying for a car loan is the best option.

March 30, 2012

Getting a speeding ticket is not only embarrassing but can also cause a lot of other inconveniences. It can also be quite expensive on your part which is why it is something that everyone wants to avoid as much as possible. There is a way for motorists to avoid getting ticketed for over speeding. Best Radar Detector can be mounted on your dashboard and help you detect traffic radar used by law enforcement to record your driving speed. Not all highways have the same speed limits which can be hard for some motorists to remember and this could be why they may not be aware that they are already driving over the speed limit. Best Radar Detectors 2011 can be a great source of information for those who are looking for quality radar detector that they can use.

August 25, 2011

Do you have a Dodge Ram vehicle? Is this your current vehicle? Are you looking for its accessories like floor mats? You may have several vehicles and Dodge Ram is just one of those. DH and I just only have one but not a Dodge Ram though similar of it. If it is our current vehicle. If we have such Dodge Ram, for sure DH will get a dodge ram custom floor mats to complete its accessories. I  believe all vehicles need floor mats, don't you think? And it's great if it is customized or it is made for such vehicle. Such floor mat is essential as you just cannot step-in in the car's floor or carpet especially during rainy season without something you step-in first. Or else it would be hard for you to clean it and your car would look messy. And you don't want that to happen especially when you're in your journey going to work or special occasion. You don't want people to judge you as that kind of person, don't you?

March 21, 2010

A year plus ago I had a tour in Hollywood actresses homes in Los Angeles riding in a tour bus just slowly so we can see the houses in its full body and some parts. Others we stopped by but mostly the tour bus (I was in) just slowed down and I saw different big houses owned by Hollywood actors and actresses. I also saw some of their cars and theirs that one show (which I forgot the name) that I saw the house they shoot with its signature sign. I also saw Ferrari cars of one famous signature clothes owner and holah, a lot of covered different colors of Ferrari! Surely, the owner cars maintenance boy need Ferrari parts of it, you think so? I believe signature quality cars, need quality parts but do you think the owner need its Ferrari maintenance every now and then? As to my own opinion, I guess so... Well, they are rich to give in for that car so I think they really does have maintenance even if it is Ferrari and they can afford for it so I think they will. Hemmm.. I haven't tried tried hopping-in on a Ferrari car yet, I hope I can.. :-) I don't know how it feels sitting in a luxury Ferrari car... :-)

January 04, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Ever since my husband love to have a motorbike (like most men does), he even owned one long ago. And guess what he wants to own once again after he retire from his job. And I'm pretty much excited about it. Perhaps if God permit we could have it when we live in the Philippines one day (hopefully). God is good, and we are positive about it. Well, everybody should be positive or else there's no sense of living (lol).. kidding aside.. I know.. I know.. :-) He planned to have no fancy one that just accommodate what we like and could go here and there for some errands and such. We want to live in a simple neighborhood as well since we can't afford to live in fancy ones (lol).. kidding aside but that's true.. :-) Since we like to have motorbike, we just hope that bikes' accessories and stuffs are just right in the neighborhood so it is accessible anytime we like to have it or if there's some occurrence. We are thinking that would it has like motorcycle accessories shop here in USA that you can compare prices of different brand in just one store. Actually, there are many signature motorcycle accessories stores in here, like Kuryakyn and many others, name it and you can have it! We just hope that everything will be fine or else it could be one of the daunting task if aint have one. Well, that's why there's what we call planning, right? :-) I know that Philippines could not be America since it is unique in its own way. So, we'll just see or plan B is going to take place when talking about motorbike stuff. Anyway, God is good and HE knows that my husband is working hard and I just pray that he could harvest the fruit of labor he exerted and got what he likes to have. Ooh well, I am looking forward of the motorbiking journey.. :-)

October 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Then accessories it! (~_~). Looking good and strong isn't only mean to people but also to autos as well. Accessorized auto are pleasant to the eyes. Most drivers and owners likes to have auto accessories especially women. They love to put accessories on it like to a child that we like to put some stuffs so it look pretty and presentable. Who wouldn't? (~_~) Mothers, would you not like it? Of course you will love it especially if the accessories is your favorite color. Ooh girly stuffs. Men also don't want to be out of fashion, they want it the way they groom themselves. Ooh yeah.. if there is more women there is also for men and it's great, isn't it? Have a good day!

July 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I know that Italian exotic sportscars like Ferrari needs only Ferrari parts and it should be original because if not, then you will just be sorry because it will look for the best quality one which fits its needs. And besides why getting a luxury car when can't provide the expensive maintenance as well as tools and accessories of it? hemmm.. I know you're not like that, so, you know... I know because I have a friend who owns one. So, just be aware that luxury cars needs also luxury parts. (~_~) Still I want it.. heheh.. ohh noh.. it's just a want and even it's at the very last want for me because am not used with so much luxury.. hehehh.. I mean am not used with it.. (~_~).. Am just making excuses because I know I can't afford ... well, if somebody give to me without any bad intention, why not right? Or perhaps can win a lotto.. heheh.. okey folks, happy shopping and strolling with your ferrari car! muahhh!

July 11, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you annoyed and scared at the same time when you're traveling thinking of the wind might blow-up your vacation? Or perhaps just as day to day traveling to your work place? You might want to check for a wind deflectors for your car which will be attached at the upper part of the window so you will not be frightened anymore that one day the wind will messed-up your driving and will cause you accident. Remember that prevention is better than cure! If ever you are thinking about safety, then you might try to check out for it. Hubby will surely need this since he doesn't have one. So, then have a safe driving folks!

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