February 08, 2013

Is it okay with you to talk about the end-of-life issues? (Obviously, if you don't like, don't bother to proceed reading ahead)

Haisst! Sorry for my little unpleasant mind. I was just reading about an old man living at the home for the aged for a couple of years. He has lots of plans, in case he died, but no one listens to him. His wife passed away a decade ago, and his children never bothered to visit him even on special days. Only the nurses, workers are his visitors in his room. I feel really sad and almost cried while reading his story. I was wondering why the children never remembered to visit him. Are they living far from that home? Or are they still alive? He mentioned that the last time he saw his youngest son was when he was 50 years old, and now he is 82 years old and wishing that before he died, he wanted to see his children. I prayed that this old man's simple wish would be granted. And I wish the children will read such article in that news and their hearts will be touched to do what is the right thing to do.

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  1. Eve Adams said...
    Hi Cacai! I saw your blog at bloggers.com and I find your site inspirational. About the old man you said, I think God has a plan for him whatever happened and it happen for a reason.
    By the way, I hope we can be a bloggers friend at my inspirational christian quotes blog. Good luck.

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