September 02, 2012

A tight embrace, a warm blanket, a cup of coffee. Sometimes we just long for that warm fuzzy feeling. It makes us feel safe, protected and distant from the cares and stresses of everyday life. I am a first-time mom and taking care of my little angel alone is really stressful, especially if we need to send her back to her pediatrician. I am just lucky that my husband, despite his hectic schedule at work has time for us.

Whenever he comes home from work, instead of asking him how was his work, he was the one who asked me how was my day with our little princess. I understand that he is so worried about me taking care of our little princess because I am a first-time mom, and no one will teach me on how to take care our baby except the pediatrician and my little experience taking care of my cousins a while yesteryears ago.

One night, hubby told me that I deserved a great reward for taking care of Sam and him. My eyes were big as the dinner plate when I heard this. I thought he would bring me to a shopping mall, and shop whatever I want. However, the reward is more than I expected. He wanted a romantic place for us, just the two of us, and our daughter will stay at my mother-in-law while we are away for our second honeymoon.

The next morning, I couldn’t wait to open my laptop and search for a place that we could pamper ourselves again. Fortunately, I found a romantic place for us, a truly a world-class holiday for couples only. Yes, the place is perfect for newly wed couples, and lovers. It is also a romantic place for a man to propose marriage to her girlfriend. I am certain that hubby would like to experience in st lucia honeymoon for us. With the best food, wine and accommodation they offer, I am sure that we will have a perfect honeymoon once again. Woot! :-D

If you are planning far in advance to visit a popular vacation destination during tourist season, assume that prices are higher compared to off-season. At Rendezvous, if you book now or on or before the end of October, you could save up to 40% discount on your room rates. That is really cool, right? I could book now and stay later. I couldn’t wait hubby to come home today so I could tell him this perfect romantic holiday for us.

How about you, are you planning to have a soon-honeymoon or second honeymoon journey too? It would be a great step to find and book in advance as soon as possible to save to save time, money and effort. Happy honeymoon then! :-)


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