October 02, 2012

Anyone will tell you that being in a relationship takes work. To have a strong relationship takes time and effort from both sides – but it is possible! If you’re unsatisfied with how things are, then take a look at these simple tips. Soon you and your partner will be giggling like a couple of teenagers again.

1. Affection

Whether it’s holding hands, a peck on the cheek before bedtime or a hug when you come in from work, showing affection is important when building and maintaining a strong relationship. Show your other half how much you love them with little displays of affection and they’ll do the same.

2. Communication

If you want a strong relationship, you need to communicate – otherwise you’ll never get passed your problems. When people talk about communication and relationships, they’re often referring to talking honestly about your feelings. While this is essential, you need to remember to listen too.

3. Surprises

We’re not talking about diamond necklaces and Rolex watches, but small surprises here and there make a big statement. If your partner is feeling low, bring home a box of chocolates one day. It doesn’t even have to be a gift. Surprise them by cleaning the house unexpectedly.

4. Intimacy
Relationships that are just about s*x never last. However, s*x is vital  if you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship and strengthen the bond between you. Intimacy is an important way to express your love for each other and become closer.

5. Date night

Relive that blissful honeymoon period at the start of your relationship with regular date nights. Switch off your mobile phones, send the kids to their grandparents and enjoy an evening with just each other for company.

A romantic meal or a trip to the cinema will do the trick, but don’t forget to liven it up too. Relationships can lose excitement over time so keep things fresh by trying something totally different like a cookery class – or maybe even skydiving!

6. Future goals

What do you want out of your relationship? Is marriage on the cards? Do you both want kids one day? It’s easy to get lost in the moment, but if you want your relationship to last a long time, it’s important that you both have similar aspirations for the future.
If you’re currently looking for love, sort out these details before your first date. The eHarmony website finds matches based on things like values so you’ll be sure to meet a like-minded individual.

7. Understanding

Building a strong relationship is easier if you both share the same morals and beliefs. That’s why they said, eHarmony is so perfect for Christian dating as you will find people with the same faith. If you do fall for someone whose views differ slightly from yours, though, it’s important to show understanding.

8. Forgiveness

Last but not least, if you want a strong relationship, it’s important to forgive. You’ll know when a line has been crossed, but don’t sweat the small stuff. If the washing-up hasn’t been done, it’s not worth holding a grudge for weeks.


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