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September 29, 2013

This picture (which is pixelated, I know, sorry about that) was taken more than five years ago. I was just few months after I arrived here in United States of A. I was there together with my friend Au & her hubby. That was in Our Lady of Angels here in Los Angeles, California. It is quiet famous as many tourists went there. Though, it is just 15 minutes away from where my little family live, still it is quite far as it will be crossed in a freeway. It really needs time to go there unlike a chapel here near us (three minutes drive or seven minutes walk *walking is a good exercise*). I can always look at it when passed-by going to my daughter's appointment in Vermont Ave, Los Angeles (plus the Jollibee food chain) once a day, every week, though. Anyway, this picture doesn't do justice, this church is beautiful in actual much more nowadays.
I plan to go back and spend time there one day soon. Can't you guess, I also miss by slim bod here. Ha! Reminiscing. Now I'm already 120-124 lbs. Whew!

June 15, 2013

Life has a lot of surprises! I was just chatting with my friend a minute ago. As she mentioned she is now single again. I thought all the while that she is engaged to a person whom she knows that he is the one for her. But what happen? There are lots of circumstances in life that we cannot expect that it will happen one day in our journey.

So now they are "break" already. So lesson learned, in every relationship for singles or couple never expect too much. It surely hurts when everything turns into nothing. Waiting in vain, right? So make sure to control and if not then you will be hurt. But you will learn a lesson after.

So for my friend, sorry to hear about that. Maybe God has another plan to both of you. Just be who you are and he will come in the right time to you. Just be patient enough.

April 13, 2013

As a first-time mom and being a mother, my journey has been the most difficult, trying, lonely, confusing, challenging experience I have encountered. I am not complaining because this is what I like and want to be, a mommy and a homemaker. For years, I was in BC and the time that DH and I already planned for a little angel, I was overjoyed when God granted us the desire of our heart. Now our little angel is growing so fast. When she was little, most often, her dad usually bought her toys that are suitable for her age. Now, that she is a little bigger, and ready to explore the outside world, I then bought her a mini scooter just like a kick scooter, to which I helped her in maneuvering it.

I thought this kind of toy is for the boys only. Not until little girls (including my friend C's daughter and son) in the park. When SAM saw them, she also wanted to have herself and so interested to be at it, yes, ride on it. I cannot stop her from doing so because she cried out loud. I gave in, after all, I was with her helping to maneuver the scooter. Furthermore, I tried to position her feet on the scooter’s floor, and put her tiny hands on the bars, she was actually scared but excited as well as so happy about it. Also, when I started to push the scooter slowly, her anxiety started to break off and in just a few minutes, she enjoyed more riding her mini-scooter (with me at her back of course). If the weather is good, especially if the husband has no work, we usually go to the park and let our little angel play, run, walk, swing and the likes. If Sarah is happy, I am happy as well. Her laughter is like music to my ears.

Ooh my SAM. :)

October 09, 2012

Facebook really helps us to connect with our friends and family who are in a distance. Just by posting your photos, sharing what you have been up to and more, your readers, specifically your friends and family will be delighted to hear anything from you. Anyhow, how about personalizing your Facebook page, such as changing the appearance of your page by putting fb cover photos for Timeline? I guess it is more fun if we could change it and have our very own style and design. I know exactly the place where you could get this beautiful and attractive design for your page. Just click the link that I have I provided, and you will see what I was talking about.

September 27, 2012

Things have been changed when I became a mother. When I  had no baby yet, I had plenty of time on blogging. I could also go out the house any time during the day (but I am not complaining okay. Smile. :-)). I could visit some of my friends here in our place if I wanted to. Or I will invite them to come over, and we will have fun in the kitchen such as cooking, talking and of course, eating. Our home before was actually empty. It was only me and hubby living in this quiet place. Now, everything has been changed when the bundle of joy arrived. The empty home is now alive, and full of laughter. Despite the problems that we had when my daughter arrived, my husband and I were/are so grateful that we were able to pass all the pains in our heart when Sarah needs to undergo a surgery. With the help of the prayers from family and friends, our little princess is now grown-up and yes, so joyful. :) And because of Sarah, we have a happy and lively home. How happy is that? Yes, very happy despite all the trials and struggles (and all along the way). :-) Life is a beautiful journey and worthy to smile much more with our happy angel. :-)

August 28, 2012

A usual party can be made into a unique and fabulous one if the party organizers try to widen their perspective and try out new things instead of the ordinary things that party goers expect. What makes a particular party exciting? Apparently, there are a lot of factors to consider. First and foremost, is the venue where the party is held. If there is enough space for the specific number of invited guests then there is enough room for fun for everyone. Next, there’s the food and the drinks. It is therefore necessary to hire a trusted catering service provider. Then, the next important thing is the dress code. If one would like to have a party that is apart from all the others, a costume is a big hit.

Since there are a lot of ideas to choose from, the guests can come anyway they like it. They can come dressed like kings or queens. Others can also come dressed in nurse costumes. Those who fancy to be winged creatures, they can come dressed in angel costumes, too. Those who like to be furry things can sport bunny costumes. Some other ideas such as masquerade or favorite celebrity look are sure way to make a party truly memorable.

Sure, it would be a great party journey for you and everyone if all are dressed-up according to a party costume agreed!

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