October 14, 2010

Have ever one of you experienced the way I experience that sometimes I am hungry every other time? I am not like this before when I was just still on my younger years especially while I was still at school. One thing I can tell when our mind is busy on something or running with the time because we need something to finish before deadline ends, exams, errands and other relative matters (not to mention the devil around our goals). Ooh well, stuffs like that I consider as normal. But uncontrollable cravings, is not. And that makes me think of an appetite control for this. What do you think? Sure, it should have to be controlled or else one would be bulging as balloon! Oops!

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  1. Kayce said...
    hahaha! nah mao.. pareho lang jud ta ani sis.. unsaun nalang mahimo najud tag murag balloon ani.... hehehe!

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