August 30, 2010

Not in terms of transportation or destination, but the drive to something one wants to do. Perhaps some "moolah" or something in exchange of hard work. Now, am inspired to do something and being energetic. Whew! Am I that desperate enough? Ha ha ha! Now your logic is soon be spinning again. Nope, it is not for you to think logically (or not at least, if you can relate on it then great for you) but sometimes it is just have to be this way for some reason. And the reason is for you to find out (if you have not found out yet. What I mean here is if you can relate already, then you already found it; you're on the direction. On the other hand, if not then, don't bother?) What can we imagine for the maintenance and such if we do not have something to finance on it unless if you are rich and just wanted to spend it without any hesitation. Whatever it is, the drive to blog does triggers and evolves a lot of ways. Not just for maintenance but for blogging life in general, life, surroundings, people. Whatever one's thought of blogging and such or how one does in what he/she/they like to do in one's life does count and if one is happy about it. Ooh yes, happiness and contentment, is it really hard to get? Hemmm.. whatever! Be happy, lively and lovely! ;-) Do what is really the right thing and make you happy, responsibly. :-)


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