August 19, 2010

DH gave me an opportunity to buy vegetables, fruits and other grocery goods different from what he usually eat. It is for me since I wanted it for my moody taste. It is great to have foods which my taste bud used to ate way back then. Yes, I have adapted most of what he ate but I still longing to have such taste. Ooh well. What can I do? It is my taste bud longed for it but how I can have it depends on myself with the help of my DH since it is quiet far from where we live and it is great to have him drive for me than taking a bus or ride a public transportation. Yes, I do not drive and I do not have a car but I am contented. I have my need and I comprehend it is better for me not to have one currently. Perhaps one day or sooner as it comes what may, you never know. Ha ha! You may think I am in US and I do not have a car, poor me(fortunately my DH has), but I do not care! Kiver (expression)! Ha! ;-) Okay, no pressure. ;-) Okay, I have to go ahead now and separate those leaves from the swamp cabbage's (or kangkong) [Thanks by the way to mareng Lulu for letting me know (unknowingly of her) kangkong is swamp cabbage] trunk which is the main ingredient for my viand in a minute.


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