December 12, 2010

Do you know how it feels when a woman still has her "monthly visitor" ? Well, not all the time for me but this time I am "in" with it. Yes, laziness attack on me. Have you observed it to yourself? I know being lazy is not good, maybe you could say there is really a time being lazy that all we can do is to savor the moment. That all left to do is have fun with our self. It is just like we are treating our body to do the usual thing. Now, just do not be immune with laziness or else you will just wake up that he/she do not have something to eat already or the worst being homeless. :-) Just doing it to treat yourself  you know.. :-)

How about you, when did you have your last day of laziness attack? Whenever it is,we will  just have pray and being supportive all the time. Oops, not a support for laziness but how to get over it. Have a great day!


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