August 27, 2010

I believe the joy of passing the subjects at the end of the semester is a great feeling of a student especially if you get high grades. I believe of continues education. Before, I had in mind that once we graduate college, it is only one more step (master's degree) to get into the edge. Am I wrong? Learning is fun and we have to learn to live fully and longer. We have to learn in our lifetime. The art of how the world revolve to respond our curiosity. Yes, a strong determination to finish what we wanted to at either going to traditional school or taking it online at one of the top online schools will get one a good future. Don't you think? Will you be smart enough if you are not learning? Will you be able to put your talent or skills to what you wanted it to be if you were not supervised by professionals? Will you be able to maintain your parents property given to you if you refuse to learn how to manage it?


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