September 16, 2010

Everyone need to eat or else several days of not eating will lead to something (and you know what that something is, I presume). Ooh yeah, I have an appetite of eating viand with rice. When I eat, I eat a lot! I could just only secretly whine to myself afterward. But "what can I do?" , that is the big question. I may not need weight lose pills this time but maybe (hopefully not) in the long run. :( I salute (and always be) to those folks especially to those married ones, who maintained their ideal body weight. I could just imagine how hard they get to maintained it. And also to those successful diet through taking up diet pills. I always heard and comprehend, it is just a matter of being goal-oriented, self-discipline, cooperative time, knowledge and power. Oops did I say power? Financial power, that is. Ooh well. I believe if one make things happen, it is of big possibility it will be realized. :-) As it has been said "the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step" . Broad you may think but when you feel you can get it, then go for it! Remember trusting our heart with our brain is the best! :-)


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