February 13, 2013

Have you ever tried the convenience of home shopping? In my birth country, this is very common. There are companies that offer their merchandise through a house-to-house selling. We usually called their employees as Promo Girls because they are usually young ladies. Here in the USA, home shopping is when you watch TV station offering merchandise such as clothing, home appliance, jewelry and more.

Usually, home shopping can be cheaper because it cuts out the middleman who tends to increase cost. If you want to shop at home, but you are not sure of what’s offered, ask the shopping station to send you a schedule of items when particular items are sold. When you shop from home, it is best to use your credit card, because you are then guarded by a consumer protection policy. In the Philippines, you will pay it in cash, so if there is a problem on the merchandise you bought, you can no longer get back your money.


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