May 17, 2012

I have to admit this is my first time of this name of apple, Pink Lady, is the name. All I know is that Fuji apple is the best. Well, not anymore now since I have seen this new one. And mind you, it taste like the Fuji, there's nothing difference except that what I just ate was in a bag of little ones whereas in Fuji, I know there are big ones. Who knows there are also big of this. This has grown here in USA and the Fuji is I don't know where it grow. All I know it that it taste very much alike. And it is cheaper than Fuji. I got a dollar and fifty cents for a bag of 12-15 pieces I think. Not bad for a first-timer of this variety huh! I was even skeptical of buying it since most fruits in bags seems like it is not as tasty than the ones that are of pieces (not in a bag). But I was wrong and I am so glad I got this as I can now differentiate what's the difference of the two for now. I will have my journey of finding-out if there is bigger ones of this. I want to try it too if there's any difference to Fuji or the little ones. By the way, it is not very little huh, it seems like medium when compared to the big Fuji I saw (or bought. I bought the big Fuji while bought this one too to the thought of  "what if I don't like this" . :-) I don't have a luxury of going back and forth to the store huh! :-)

So this is it, just making my notes of one of my random memorable journey. :-)

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  1. Sam D. said...
    I love Fuji apple too but my hubby introduces me to so many different kinds of apples that I can't count anymore every time we go apple picking. My favorite so far is red and golden delicious apples. Oh by the way your question where's the Fuji apple originated? It's originated here in the US. It's a cross breed of two American apples--the Red Delicious and Ralls Janet but it was created by a Japanese researcher and probably it named from him. :)

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