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March 18, 2012

I know it's not Sunday anymore in some part of the world that is why I specify my location. Today is Sunday. It is time for church. Family bonding. In short, happy time. Weekend is relaxing time. And greeting time for family and friends (and even acquaintances and not), so, Happy Weekend/Sunday everyone! Enjoy the rest of the day. Enjoy responsibly.

January 10, 2011

 Few days ago, if am not mistaken Christmas time, my stepdaughter kept on bugging my husband asking if her gift (actually "gifts" because it has for me too and her niece (a daughter of her paternal brother which we called with Donald a niece too, who is Danielle) already arrived. Knowing her she wants her greeting card, gifts or pressie to arrive on-time. She never mind if it cost much to mail it just to let the recipient know and appreciate it on-time. But sad to say it did not arrive on-time because it arrived today. But nevertheless because it arrived safe and sound. He he he! My husband has a box of three pieces of handkerchief and a classic necktie clip, Danielle got teddy and a beautiful little princess book. And I got a pretty sparkling necklace from Forever 21.Now, I will just make it up to you Rochelle! Thanks a bunch! Really appreciated. I actually wearing it now. Thanks again. God bless!

November 19, 2010

... and then Black Friday shopping comes after this event. 

Yes, USA's Thanksgiving Day is this coming November 25! Are you exciting of commemorating a special day of how important a thank you is? Even technologies, materials things we have indulging now that we do not have before as per forefather's time, is celebrating! Oops not so because Black Friday event is after Thanksgiving Day which is also the start of Christmas shopping. What good with Black Friday is a huge sale, yes, huge sale! You read it right. Now, what is your plan on Wednesday? Are you going to go with the crowd and buy the stuff(s) you like with a very low price? Happy Black Friday shopping then! And allow me to great you an Advance Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Happy shopping too! ;-)

August 21, 2010

It is officially weekend here, as it is now Saturday. ;-) I would like to great you a formal, "happy weekend" folks! I hope everything's well on your side. About mine in here, the scorching heat of the sun for sunny California. Nevertheless, summer is here so we gotta enjoy it as the journey summer season continues. Not with the beach though but many are in there now, surely. Or just enjoy sun bathing anywhere. On the other hand, some wish it is already Fall but that is another story. Ha! Well, perhaps they just do not want to experience summer time but it just have to be or else the four cycles of America would not be completed or some other parts of the world (like Philippines), the two cycles (rainy and sunny weather) as just your side too, won't be completed without summer time.

Okay, that is all about it. To sum it up, just enjoy and have an extra care. Happy bonding with friends and family (as always)! Happy talking, chatting, eating and alike!

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