March 30, 2012

From a Louisiana Kitchen or the famous food chain "Popeye" as for "P" is what I got days ago. DH bought us this for dinner for our (it is just me and DH in the house except if our little one can already eat like this) dinner.
Looks like a KFC-thing. It has corn (only in KFC, the corn is small) mashed potato (I like more its gravy than KFC), biscuit and chicken. The chicken is yummy-licious (or yummy-delicious)! I like the corn in KFC though.

To tell you what, this is my first time (this is one of my firsts) I had eaten from Popeye or Louisiana Kitchen and I love it! Well, you just had knew I like its food. Hoping to have more in the future. Smile. :-)


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