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May 10, 2013

Fried fish, is one of the common viands on the table in my hometown. We usually dipped it with vinegar or lemon, soy sauce, and if you like something spicy, just add a chili. Some people like to dip it in a fish sauce or fermented fish with vinegar or lemon. Or you can make a side dish of tomatoes, onion, fermented fish or fish sauce, and lemon or vinegar. When I was a kid, I just dipped it with soy sauce with vinegar and nothing else. Yesterday, I was craving for it so I went to the grocery store and bought. I cooked it right away when I got home. It has been a long time I have not eaten a deep-fried fish, so yesterday; I enjoyed eating such with one leg up on the chair. Ha!. I have not eaten it all, but I can re-fry it or mix it with green leafy vegetable later.

What about you, how do you eat a fried fish? Or, do you like eating such? How do you like it?

April 12, 2013

Snacking is a Western obsession. I remember when we were still kids, eating in between meals were not introduce to us. But today, lots of people would opt to snack all day if they knew they wouldn’t put on weight.

Snacking has a bad reputation. People think that they should eat only three proper meals a day without anything in between. But when chosen wisely, snacks can be part of a healthy eating plan. Of course, if you snack all day long, that’s basically binge. And if you snack only on junk food such as crisps and sweets, that’s not good snacking. If you are munching on your child’s leftovers, that is not smart snacking either.

Snacking can be healthy, according to a nutritionist, but you have to be smart about it. Snacks need to fit in with your individual eating plan. They can’t simply be mindless eating without hunger. If you love to snack, you should be snacking smart.

March 19, 2013

When the holiday season starts, people tend to make a lot of excuses and pretend to be always hungry in order to try all the sumptuous dishes being served in the dining table. It is going to be an endless adventure of munching for the entire week. This is going to be fun but just imagine the amount of calories that you’ve been accumulating. You’ll just be surprised when you get to bond with the weighing scale when the season ends.

As much as possible, discipline yourself not to over eat during the entire season. It’s okay to taste everything but make sure that everything is in moderation. After all, when the summer season arrives, there is a need for you to shed off extra fats to be able to fit into your gorgeous bikinis. Do yourself a favor, if you could maintain your slim figure, much better. This isn’t just for looking sexy but for health purposes as well. Obese people are more prone to diseases compared to the physically fit ones.

"Health is wealth" , please remember that. 

December 11, 2012

Our body needs proper nutrition to keep us alive, strong and healthy. The different parts of our body work well when we eat the right kind and amount of food. It is important to consider the different nutrients we get everyday from the food we eat. Eat food rich in protein to help the body grow big and strong, carbohydrates and fats provide the body with heat and energy, and food rich in vitamins and minerals to make the body free from diseases and illnesses.

Eating a balanced diet helps maintain a pleasing personal appearance and good health. Always eat three meals in a day. Have a complete breakfast to give you the fuel needed by the body for the whole day activities. Eat green, yellow and leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits. Drink milk everyday. Avoid eating too much candies, chocolates, and junk food. They are not good for the body.

September 28, 2012

Alright, everyone should really have to. What I mean with such phrase ("Hungry and I have to eat") is that I have to cook rice to eat with a viand. Mostly I can eat anything but rice since I have to wean-off my taste bud and my tummy. Smile. :-) But not for this time, seems like my tummy and my mouth demands rice. And so off, I went to get my rice cooker and boil water so in time that it already boiling, I can just put rice in. I can't wait. Whew! Is it really that hungry. Hmmmm..

Let me grab some apple for a while, whilst my rice cooker is doing its thing.

Yep, my viand is already ready. Only the rice that I have to wait for me to munch what my tummy desires. What a beautiful life!

August 31, 2012

Days ago I made one. A pound of big shrimps which was supposedly I was going to cook it half for stew and the other one as a soup "sinigang" or a sour soup with a dash of tamarind along with a chayote, scallions, ginger, lemon grass, tomato and a bell peppers (I use to colors, red and green to make it colorful). Yeah, it supposedly two viands but I only made one. Ha! I got tempted of pouring all the shrimps there as my taste ordered me to. Whew! What a yummy shrimps it was! And guess what made it yummier? --- It was because I was the only one who ate it all? And the answer is Yes, ha ha! Nope, I offered how many times to my husband and nearby friend but they always put it off and I always saw it when going to the kitchen or opening the refrigerator to which I surrendered on the nth times. And guess what, I ate it! Smile. :-)

You know you cannot put-off the sea foods kind of food in the ref for two days.

And I had a great meal! I will share a picture to you next time. Ooh wait, if I took a picture of it, I think I forgot it as I was excited of the shrimps soup I made. Whew! I just then want to tell, happy eating for the next! Wink.

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