April 03, 2012

There are foods that you do not like, that is for sure. Just like, I am not a picky-eater but when I arrived here in United States of A, I suddenly became a little of such. It maybe mixed with a home-sickness thing too, I think since I was just new that time. You know, I missed those foods that I grew-up with.

One food that I cannot stand to eat before, was the pizza. Yes, it is. Come to think of it, it is what most of the people here eats. But it just can't get into my taste bud, even into my smell. It got me puked (sorry for that) even if I am already so hungry. But that was before. I already overcame it after how many years. Whew! Pizza is one of my DH fave, so I gotta learn how to embrace it even just its smell. Good thing, I learn to eat it too and you would surprise because it became my favorite too!

Lately, I am just so very glad I already got over of  "not" liking the taste of fresh milk to drink on. Just like how pizza (even its smell) irritates my mood. Oops I was not pregnant those times, okay? It took me years to appreciate its taste. Fresh milk here in USA (specially to my DH) is somewhat like a basic thing in the kitchen, basic thing in the breakfast, basic thing of eating with cookies. And it is just two days ago, I learn its precious taste. The reason? Because I do not have "Nido" dry  milk anymore. The "Nido" by the way is the dry milk I drink in lieu of my favorite dry "Bear Brand" milk. What-ta! Yum!

What about you, do you like drinking fresh milk? Do you have some story of it too just like mine? ;-)


  1. Sam D. said...
    I hear you Cai. There are a lot of foods that I can't teach myself to eat even now. Like the meatloaf I never like it the first time I had it here until now. My hubby tries his best convincing me that I have to eat it over and over again so my taste buds can adjust to the taste. I try it but I really can't :-)
    analou said...
    I don't like fresh milk Baje but I can take it if I really want too. But Cinnamon? I can't stand its smell and the taste. It gives me headache. How are you by the way?
    Snapsam :-) said...
    Happy Easter Sunday Cai! Regards to your family.

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