May 17, 2012

Didn't I told you that I am in diet right now? Yes, you bet! Okay, I told you in my other former posts. So I am in fruit diets. Meaning I eat more fruits nowadays and the 30 minutes-1 hour-fruits eating before the typical meal. And to tell you, even if I am not in diet, this mazanos banana variety is my favorite of all the banana family, alright the variety.

By the way, this is my first time that I know how they call it here (or at least in the grocery store or market). As I bought it, I then looked what the name because I know that it is the banana of my favorite. And yeah, it is "mazanos" (or the "tundan" , "tundal" in "Bisaya" birthplace dialect in the Philippines, Camiguin.

And so now I know. I smile left and right because I now know where to get when I ought to get and eat it. And the great catch is, it is very near of our apartment home rented. Yay! Happy me! :-)


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