May 03, 2013

Do you eat bread? Do you like having bread for dinner, or what. I was born in the Philippines, yes, I am a Filipina but then I live here in USA right now. So mix of rice and bread for a day for me is enough. But for now, I cannot live without rice that is for sure. Americans love bread (and my husband is of course, one of them). And I think bread is what their staple food. Since I am living here, eating bread in the morning is enough and having coffee or tea drink beside is perfect, but for lunch or dinner I must have rice.

Back in my birth country, we're not "used to" to have bread  as our meal. That is only for our  ‘merienda’ or snack. Bread for sure is healthy and with higher carbohydrates too but I cannot exchange it with rice (or at least for now, maybe). Rice as staple food is what  I grew up, eating it three times a day.

But I admit, sometimes, if I feel so lazy to cook then bread is my tummy's best-friend. Bread and rice are both perfect (as staple foods)!

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  1. Sam D. said...
    I hear you, I always eat rice more often than bread. I eat bread on weekends only and I love Italian bread :)

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