March 20, 2010

I forgot health care folks called the primary stuff that doctor or nurse use to get a blood pressure, I guess you know it, it is just on my mind but I can't utter the word. Just imagine what I mean. :-) ... I will tell you then what is that name later, okay? The important is I already describe it. I hope you understand what I mean. The choice number two nowadays is pulse oximeter device to get the blood pressure monitor or a blood-oxygen level and a heart rate of a person to monitor health condition usually used at home.

My DH and I even have like this at home but the one that has a cuff and put it at the left side of a joint between our hands and arm then it has to be leveled unto the heart of a person to get the heart rate through pressing the power button when done putting up carefully and accurately.But nowadays due to technology advance, little by little it was changed unto the latest one. Have you have a device in your home like that above?


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